Monday, March 06, 2006

Magazine Madness

I have of a LOT of magazines starting to stack up around the house and I need to get rid of them fast. It's starting to look like one of those houses, you know the ones you see on tv with all the newspapers stacked to the ceiling and covering all the walls. Like the counterpart to the crazy cat ladies house.
I'm throwing them out Friday the 10th so if anyone wants them speak now or forever hold your peace. I have about a years worth of Rolling Stone, Spin, Maxim, Premier, Entertainment Weekly, and a few tv guides. Theyre great for drawing refrences and caricatures. I don't think you'll want them for the articles unless anyone is intrested in reading how John Kerry is ramping up his campaign or reading up on movies that you can buy for ten bucks at the video store. You only have 3 days to speak up and then these historical artifacts are going in the garbage.

1 comment:

BrianMORANTE said...

No one wants magazines, I guess. I VILL NOW TOZZ ZEM IN ZE TRASH!