Sunday, January 27, 2008

one drawing

A motorcycle maniac and professional mole whacker.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Cripple Con

I attended the "cripple con" this past week. A convention celebrating all art forms. Mostly caricatures, cartoons etc.

It was held outside Kansas City at The Elms Resort. They manged to put up with 75 loud, routy and sometimes very drunk cartoonists for 3 days. This is the town above and the hotel pool and spa area below. I did not go swimming as there was no life guard on duty.

Here are a few of my drawings, with no pictures of the actual faces so you can't tell how much I suck.
Kev and Pat above. They are from Texas but are moving out to SD next month. So watch your backs you Sea World kamans people.
This is Ben above who was good enough to help get me and a few others a ride from the airport. Saved everyone a lot of money.
Kelsea (probably spelled wrong) another Texan. A bright eyed young girl with dreams of killing.
Who also made sure me and some others got back TO the airport. Thanks!!
and Matt Zitman
This is the ballroom just getting started with con heads Len and Barb Hernandez in the foreground and Beau Hufford in the background.
Not long till everyone was there having fun and jumping to the music of que padre.
The hotel is supposedly haunted and a whole lot of "orbs" showed up in all the dancing pics.