Thursday, April 27, 2006

lanky kid

Sorry for the lack of posts for anyone who cares. Between work and more work I haven't had much time to sketch. And when I do get time I use it to update my comic blog. Even though it looks like more people are checkin out this blog, so says the counter.
Anyways I saw this kid at work today so I threw down a few lines to represent him and later at home I drew him up all nice and junk. He was that age where he's not a kid but still on the cusp of being a teenager. A very akward age indeed. With lanky limbs, a shirt that's too big, pants too short, and hat and shoes too big. Make sure you keep that shirt tucked inand the pants hiked up, kid. The ladies like a good tucked in shirt!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Quick character designs

I had to do about 12 or 13 character designs for a super secret project, these are a couple of my favorite from the group(and not so secret anymore). I did them all in one night so they're not perfect, but they're kind of fun, and got the point across. I also just picked up a book on character design called "Creating Characters with Personality" by Tom Bancroft. I had seen the book on the shelf for a couple months but avoided the book because of the title. I thought it was another Christopher Hart book or a C.H. wannabe. But I flipped through it and the drawings were great. The guy who wrote it is a designer for disney and right off the bat wants you to pay attention to the theories of design instead of his style or any style. But the book has examples of how different artist would design the same character. They have J. Scott Cambell, Butch Hartman, Jack Davis, and more. I had been looking for a book on character design for about a year and a half, and as the author of this book points out- THERE ARE NONE!. There's chapters on the subject but no books. So anyone interested in character design for animation, comics, comic strips, whatever go get that there book.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Superman Returns

It's spring so that means Superman Returns is just around the corner. posted a few new pics from the movie. I couldn't help but sketch a few of them.
Brandon "eyebrows" Routhe as Clark Kent/Superman. From what I've seen he looks like a great Clark Kent, and he has an uncanny resemblance to Christopher Reevs.
Not 100% sure about Brandon Routhe as Superman, he seems a bit slight to me. He's got the hieghth though. I'm sure I'll be sold within the context of the movie.
Lex Luther played by Kevin" bulbous face" Spacey. Spacey rocks, especially as bad guys.
Lois Lane played by Kate "forehead" Bosworth. Shes peeerty and looks a little too soft to be Lois, but we'll see. I actually hate people who nitpick these kinds of things in big movies like this(so sorry for doing it through this post). I put full trust into Bryan Singer and the fact that he knows exactly what he's doing. All signs point to this movie rocking my socks.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Oh my Goth!

I saw this girl last week at work and ran home immediatley to draw her. I forgot to add her standard issue Jack Skeleington purse.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Musicians are fun to draw

I drew these out of Rolling Stone and some from Spin. With the exception of the second to last page I have no idea who anyone is. I just saw a lot of intresting faces and started drawing. I usually draw till about 3am. Thats what I was planning to do last night when I drew these, until I look over and we had all lost an hour. It was almost 4am, yikes!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Sketchbook Roundup 2

Well its been about a month from the last sketchbook round up. Now I'm a month wiser and have one more completed sketchbook to put up on my shelf. Like I said in the last round up, these are all random sketches and warmups from my sketchbook of the last month. When I get stuck and can't think of anything to draw, I draw from magazines. I pick out intresting faces or expressions or poses. After filling a few pages of refrenced sketches my wheels are spinning and I can get going again. The new Premier magazine has the 100 greatest performances of all time. So they have a lot of pictures of big stars in their iconic rolls. Great for caricatures or just refrence.