Saturday, April 01, 2006

Sketchbook Roundup 2

Well its been about a month from the last sketchbook round up. Now I'm a month wiser and have one more completed sketchbook to put up on my shelf. Like I said in the last round up, these are all random sketches and warmups from my sketchbook of the last month. When I get stuck and can't think of anything to draw, I draw from magazines. I pick out intresting faces or expressions or poses. After filling a few pages of refrenced sketches my wheels are spinning and I can get going again. The new Premier magazine has the 100 greatest performances of all time. So they have a lot of pictures of big stars in their iconic rolls. Great for caricatures or just refrence.

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nothing said...

freakin sweet dude. Alot of character. You should do alittle comic strip with that style.