Saturday, April 05, 2008

In Space!!

For about 6 months Beau Hufford and I got together to develop "In Space". A story that we would later turn into a comic and eventually a few comics. It takes place in space and follows the adventures of Professor Soanso (so n' so) , Cadet and their cat Pico. They travel the universe and research everything in it while hosting a science show that is broadcast on Earth.

We both had a hand in the designs. I filled up about 2 sketch books worth of stuff while we developed this. These are just a few quick sketches of each characters evolution.

Professor went through a few changes but never too far from these pics.
Cadet started out being a lil chunky kid.

but eventually got closer to this. Cadet: The boy from space!!
Pico is the camera man/ sound guy for the show.
This pico is more like the final design.
Some random monsters.