Sunday, October 21, 2007

San Diego is on fire!......again

It's the four year anniversary from the big cedar fire here in San Diego. What better way to celebrate than with another fire!
This is the street on the side of my house. Just beyond the house at the end of the road is a canyon filled with smoke.
I drove down the road to a park that is perched over looking the same canyon with a 180 degree view. (view below is not 180)
If you're familiar with black mountain/ Rancho Penisquitos this is looking down on that area (above). Just to the right would be Black Mountain but it was not visible with all the smoke.
The houses above are down the street from me and along the same canyon.

I don't know how these kids were playing baseball. It was getting hard to breath just walking around taking these pictures. Also the camera didn't pick this up but there was ash falling from the sky like a light snow fall (I assume).