Saturday, June 23, 2007


Ok time for cartoons. These are sketches and ideas from a cartoon I've been working on with Anne in my spare time . Which I've had none of lately.

A surly ol' hobo has a big part in this story. Here are a few ideas. Non of these made the far.

And a bright eyed, confused young girl in which our main characters can corrupt.

Here are a few of the actual frames. So you know the whole thing doesn't look like it was drawn on the back of a napkin.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Big Fat Zoo Post

I read a quote one time from Craig Mc Cracken (powerpuff girls creator) where he said "I'd rather see a bunch of funny cartoons in a portfolio than pretty elephants." . I apologize to him in advance.
These sketches are from a couple zoo trips over the last couple months with Wattana, Manny and zoo Ryan.

If you cross a giraffe and a zebra you get this guy, the okapi.

These guys were fun to watch but hard to draw. A lot of little monkeys running very fast, jumping, and playing with each other. Most of these sketches were done very fast when they would stop for food or rest. The drawings I have of them playing are unrecognizable, just scribbles.

When I approached the baboons I thought I'd be drawing some surly angry red booty beast.

But after watching and drawing this guy (actually a girl) for a while she seemed a bit neurotic. Her poses were very skitish and she had a funny cough.

I promise to post some real cartoons soon so Craig McCraken doesn't cry.