Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Maggie: spawn of the devil

This is one of my biggest distractions when trying to work. Today I took a few minutes to draw her.

She looks like a monkey to me. She sometimes moves like one to. Don't let those eyes fool you she'll tear your lungs out.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Launch Syndicate goes to APE 08

Me and the rest of the Launch Syndicate gang headed to San Francisco last week to sell our goods. No not those goods, our comics and art work....sicko. (left to right, Me, Beau Hufford, Aaron Philby, Lindsey Villarreal.

We had only one day to see the whole city. Some how we found ourselves in a cab after a very long walk and the driver was taking us on a whirl wind tour. We saw every touristy spot in 2 hours and got some pretty good pictures.
But of course the next two days were all business at the Alternative Press Expo 08. (photo below taken by Rachel Dukes)

A big hit at the table was Aaron Philby's You Don't Want Me I'm Trouble.

60 pages of hilarious one spot comics. Matt Groening proclaims "I like this artifact"!
Manny Hernandez met up with us coming straight in from Thailand. In the above picture is a print he did (the fox) for an up coming illustration book Eat Drink and Sleep. We were told the fox is the new owl. I guess we're ahead of the curve.

Over all the event was a success. We met a lot of cool people and made some good contacts and just had fun.
Now you to can own the exciting items I spoke of above! go to Launch to purchase our junk and download cool free stuff!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Drawings From Some Time Ago, From a Far Away Place, of People I Don't Know Blog Post

I haven't updated in a while blah blah..In the mean time the sketchbooks have been stacking up around me. I've just been too busy/lazy blah blah...These are from a sketchbook I had in spring. I was in Lubbock Texas selling books from Launch Syndicate at a comic book expo put on by my friend Will Terrell , and spotted these people in a bar and at the Lubbock sketch club.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Josh Source happy fun time youtube America. OLYMPICS!

I did this drawing recently for a friend of mine ( Josh Source (left)) who is now a youtube sensation. He is teaming up with Brett the intern(right) to make some new videos. This is supposed to be like a Tom and Jerry type title card. Go check out Josh's videos here. I don't watch a lot of youtube channels but his videos are some of the most creative and funny I've seen. They are also not for those with virgin ears so be warned.

On an unrelated note: OLYMPICS

Friday, June 06, 2008


After years of hard work, studying and nerve racking tests my girlfriend, La Shaunda has finally graduated nursing school. And I gotta tell ya, she couldn't have done it without me. But seriously, we went out to celebrate with one of her friends at a club. Instead of living it up I drew these girls dancing.

I tried to draw with the loud thumping music and capture the energy of these ladies on the dance floor.
I attempted to draw some guys dancing, but they're so boxy and move so stiffly. Every drawing came out boxy, stiff and boring.
This girl above danced her way over while I was drawing her and looked at it, gave me a nod and danced away. She probably didn't even know what she was looking at.

I'm sure some girlfriends might get a lil jealous while their boyfriends ogle and draw girls on the dance floor but La Shaunda knows what's up, and is not crazy.

p.s. I got two of their numbers..


Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Over spring break I drew caricatures at Sea World and drew some employees on my lunch break. These are a few I cleaned up and colored. I believe SW is hiring all positions for summer, so you too can join the ranks of these characters.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

In Space!!

For about 6 months Beau Hufford and I got together to develop "In Space". A story that we would later turn into a comic and eventually a few comics. It takes place in space and follows the adventures of Professor Soanso (so n' so) , Cadet and their cat Pico. They travel the universe and research everything in it while hosting a science show that is broadcast on Earth.

We both had a hand in the designs. I filled up about 2 sketch books worth of stuff while we developed this. These are just a few quick sketches of each characters evolution.

Professor went through a few changes but never too far from these pics.
Cadet started out being a lil chunky kid.

but eventually got closer to this. Cadet: The boy from space!!
Pico is the camera man/ sound guy for the show.
This pico is more like the final design.
Some random monsters.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Governor Splitzer

I came home today to see the Governor of New York was in big trouble. Having been involved in (cover your ears kids) a prostitution ring. When I saw him on the news he looked oddly familiar to me. I realized that I drew him out of a Rolling Stone in April 2006 and put it up on this blog. And because this blog is THE blog on the net for current events here he is again.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mink and Roob

I've been busy with a few different projects the last couple months, so I haven't had time to do fun blog drawings. So here's a couple of pages from the comic I finished. You may have this book if you went to cripple con and were a non-cheapskate.

Here are what the roughs look like.

I'll post some more on other projects soon.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

one drawing

A motorcycle maniac and professional mole whacker.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Cripple Con

I attended the "cripple con" this past week. A convention celebrating all art forms. Mostly caricatures, cartoons etc.

It was held outside Kansas City at The Elms Resort. They manged to put up with 75 loud, routy and sometimes very drunk cartoonists for 3 days. This is the town above and the hotel pool and spa area below. I did not go swimming as there was no life guard on duty.

Here are a few of my drawings, with no pictures of the actual faces so you can't tell how much I suck.
Kev and Pat above. They are from Texas but are moving out to SD next month. So watch your backs you Sea World kamans people.
This is Ben above who was good enough to help get me and a few others a ride from the airport. Saved everyone a lot of money.
Kelsea (probably spelled wrong) another Texan. A bright eyed young girl with dreams of killing.
Who also made sure me and some others got back TO the airport. Thanks!!
and Matt Zitman
This is the ballroom just getting started with con heads Len and Barb Hernandez in the foreground and Beau Hufford in the background.
Not long till everyone was there having fun and jumping to the music of que padre.
The hotel is supposedly haunted and a whole lot of "orbs" showed up in all the dancing pics.