Friday, June 06, 2008


After years of hard work, studying and nerve racking tests my girlfriend, La Shaunda has finally graduated nursing school. And I gotta tell ya, she couldn't have done it without me. But seriously, we went out to celebrate with one of her friends at a club. Instead of living it up I drew these girls dancing.

I tried to draw with the loud thumping music and capture the energy of these ladies on the dance floor.
I attempted to draw some guys dancing, but they're so boxy and move so stiffly. Every drawing came out boxy, stiff and boring.
This girl above danced her way over while I was drawing her and looked at it, gave me a nod and danced away. She probably didn't even know what she was looking at.

I'm sure some girlfriends might get a lil jealous while their boyfriends ogle and draw girls on the dance floor but La Shaunda knows what's up, and is not crazy.

p.s. I got two of their numbers..