Wednesday, August 09, 2006

This Post brought to you by Head On "Apply to the forhead!"

I'm not sure what order this text will be placed in with the pictures but the waitress is from a trip to friday's during the con. The girl with the cup was at a cool quiet coffee shop talking as if she was on a jet landing strip to a man that cared not of what she had to say.

These are a couple of upstanding citizens I saw in Burger King a couple months ago. I didn't even come close to making that pose as dynamic as he was actually sitting.

The Reyes and Spike Lee

All these sketches are from the last couple months. I've been busy with a lot of different projects. A couple of the projects I'm not allowed to post anything from them, and the other is pretty dull so enjoy these. I'm working primarily from home now but ironically I have less time to draw for myself. I guess it just always feels like I'm at work. Being cooped up in the house all day everyday I'm turninig into a Howard Hughs recluse type. Well except for the millions of dollars and hollywood starletts.

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