Friday, June 02, 2006

people people people

I have'nt had time to do a lot of finished pictures between work and other projects, but I do manage to keep sketching the wierdos around me.


oscar torres said...

hey brian! check out my new postings.

eliot said...

Hi, Brian, this is Eliot. Your monkey sketches at Bill's bachelor party inspired me to create for you a new name:

The Sublime Scribler of Sexually Suggestive, Scurilous Supernumerary Sketchings,
Scrivening an un-Seemly Surfeit of
Seminally minded,
Sphinkter Stopping,
Shmegma Scraping,
Cerebrum Stimulating,
Swinging Slatternly...

BrianMORANTE said...


Impy said...

lol I agree, yikes. And dude, talk about sunburn! That chick's got it bad lol. This is so cool.. you always make people look so lively ^-^